Southend pier development proposal

As the UK government delays the decision to increase airport capacity in south-east England until 2015 Make It Architects* have proposed the development of London-Southend International Airport to meet London’s future aviation needs.

The new four runway International Airport, which will have a capacity 150 million passengers a year,  will be situated at the end of Southend Pier, in what Make It Architects* believe to be the world’s first pier-based-international-airport.

This unique solution is an entirely new approach to modern airport design and construction with a clear focus on convenience and accessibility.

The proposed airport will be reached from London in 20 minutes through the creation of a rapid transit monorail (High Speed Three), that will link London-Southend International Airport to London St Pancras.

Under the proposals the existing Southend Airport, which is situated to the north of the city, would act as a national hub and be renamed London-Southend North. An extension of the railway currently in opperation on the pier will connect this regional airport to London-Southend International Airport.

This radical design will build on Southend’s strong aviation history and rejuvenate the seaside town, bringing much need capital investment to the region.

Taking advantage of the town’s existing infrastructure Southend will be given a complete rebranding: the pier based train will be intergated into the plan; the numerous existing hotel’s will serve the increased number of passengers; and Pleasure Island will become the world’s first theme park/ departure lounge –

Make It Architects* believe that this revolutionary solution to the UK’s aviation capacity issue could become a blueprint for airport expansion across the country and are already drawing up a proposal for Blackpool, or Blackpool-London North International Airport, as it will be renamed.

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*Make It Architects is not registered as an architect in the UK.


5 thoughts on “Southend pier development proposal

  1. Mr. Potato Head

    Maybe you could use the donkeys from the beach to take passengers and luggage to and from the runway to give your project that green eco-friendly image!

  2. Terminal Six

    Surely sea planes would be the obvious answer, negating any need for a costly runway, also utilising Southends famous history of Circus talent, passengers could then be fired by Circus Human Cannon to central London.

  3. Lee

    So you are planning to tow Chek Lap Kok away from Hong Kong in the middle of the night 🙂 By the way I worked on the Design of the roof of CLK, have you asked Norman Foster for a disk of the plans.. if he doesn’t reply i can give you a copy 🙂


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